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One Ten Enterprises is committed to assisting the Charitable Retail Sector to become more efficient in the use of all donated goods received and the responsible recycling of surplus goods.

One Ten Enterprises GUARANTEE:
Every item purchased from Australian charities is exported.

Working Towards a Healthier Greener Tomorrow

A brief history

One Ten Enterprises began operating on the 19th May 1989, as a sole proprietor entity by Mr. Abbas Ponjoo.

Mr Ponjoo saw a need to assist Charitable Organisations in dealing with surplus and inappropriate donated goods.

Under the strong leadership of Mr. Ponjoo, One Ten Enterprises opened its first Australian Warehouse in Melbourne and quickly developed efficient systems to grade, sort & export used clothing to a number of countries on the African Continent.

The first charity to embrace Mr Ponjoo’s concept was The Salvation Army in Victoria.

Following the sad passing of Mr. Ponjoo on the 21st November 2005, One Ten Enterprises continued to operate as a family owned business with family members assuming the role of directors, appointing Mr. Sonny Ponjoo as CEO.

One Ten Enterprises relocated their head office to Sydney and quickly developed a long lasting relationship with The Salvation Army Salvos Stores. Other charitable organisations throughout NSW and QLD have also taken advantage of One Ten Enterprises Services.

In January 2009, Michael Lord was appointed as Customer Service Manager to assist with the streamlining of administration, ensuring quality customer service and managing future growth.
As of July 1st 2014 Michael has been appointed General Manager of One Ten Enterprises Australia.

One Ten Enterprises is 100% Australian Owned and Operated.

One Ten Enterprises has no Australian Retail Outlets, 100% purchased from Australian Charities is exported.

Supporting the Australian Economy through the earning of Export AUD.

African families are given the opportunity of developing a small business through One Ten Enterprises Social Welfare Program.

Supporting the particular African Economies in which One Ten Enterprises is present by helping small businesses to grow.

Our services

Our operation is one of transparency, every item that we purchase from Australian charities is sent overseas, we containerise all stock received and ship to our processing plant in Dubai, all stock is then processed and shipped to our three African warehouses located in Madagascar, Mozambique and Kenya.

All stock then is used for our commercial and charitable interests in those particular countries.

Head Office – Sydney Australia

One Ten Enterprises receives stock from our suppliers in NSW and interstate via our Fairfield East warehouse.

All stock is then exported via our processing warehouse in Dubai.

One Ten enterprises Australian staff include – The CEO, General Manager (based in Port Macquarie, NSW) a Warehouse Manager, an Export Manager and 4 Warehouse General Duties employees.

Processing Warehouse

No purchased stock remains in Australia,  everything is exported to the One Ten Enterprises Process Warehouse in Dubai.

One Ten Enterprises employs 137 people in Dubai.

One Ten Enterprises provides a safe working environment including meals and above award wages.

Wholesale Warehouses

One Ten Enterprises have a total 3 Wholesale Warehouses in Mozambique (main Warehouse), Madagascar and Kenya.

One Ten Enterprises employs a total of 214 African Nationals.

One Ten Enterprises once again provides a safe working environment including meals and above award wages.

The end product is sold to local wholesale merchants as well as meeting One Ten Enterprises social welfare commitments.

Contact us

From the CEO’s desk

Greetings, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for visiting our site.
Since moving our head office to Sydney, we have operated in three locations.

We began first in a warehouse at Arncliffe as this site was suitable initially.

Our second facility was in Granville, because after only 12 months we had outgrown the warehouse.

The hunt began to find a large warehouse that we could call home for a long time.

In late December 2010/early January 2011 we relocated to our current warehouse. We now operate out of a 3000 Square metre facility in Fairfield East.

Warm regards

Mr Sonny Ponjoo – CEO

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Working Towards a Healthier Greener Tomorrow

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